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Spring Fever!

March 8, 2010

Spring fever hit the Tickled Pink Twice household over this weekend.  The weather made me quite the slacker when it came to my blog; I did not do an ounce of blogging because we spent a good portion of the weekend outdoors.  Working.  Both Saturday and Sunday were in the mid-fifties, which was wonderful.  I’m so over snow and winter jackets at this point.  I am this close (fingers are only about a half inch a part as I type) to whipping out my flip flops!

I spent Saturday and part of Sunday cleaning out my flower beds, trimming down my grasses, and getting my flower boxes ready for their annuals.

Sadly, I found myself taking a self-portrait because I thought I looked cute and I needed to document it.  (I’m silly I know and rarely do my self-portraits turn out so I thought I would share).  Baby Bird sort of enjoyed her time outside.  I guess I lied when I said we all enjoyed the weekend.  She was pretty fussy and I think she might have an ear infection.  Guess a call to the friendly doctor tomorrow is a must.  Bean was happy to break out her bike, scooter, soccer ball, and chalk.  She would have gotten out more but the hubby was organizing the garage.  Sadly, I think he enjoyed cleaning out the garage more than I enjoyed not cleaning the garage. How weird is it that the nice weather allows us to do actual work without complaining?   Here’s hoping next weekend is just as nice because we are ready to paint the top of our garage to match the house.  Then we can cross that item of LAST YEAR’S to do list.

As if I don’t have enough little mini-hobbies, this year I decided to try and grow some flowers for my garden.  How hard could it be?  I guess I will find out.  There is seriously much more to it then I thought.  I just thought:  dirt, seeds, water, done.  I finally see why the little mini plants Bean and I have tried growing in the past haven’t worked.  Too much sun too early.  I’m positive you are super interested in the life growing under my mini-greenhouse.  Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.  I’m growing Coleus, Salvia, Sweet Peas (the flower), Hollyhock, and Cleome.

Anywho.  Now you see why I wasn’t around blogging this weekend.   Hope your weather was as beautiful as ours was!

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