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Thanks for visiting Tickled Pink Twice!

Product Reviews:
I’ll gladly write a product or book review for your business.  Please keep in mind that I might have another product/book review scheduled ahead of you, but I will let you know the estimated date of review so you will stay informed.  If it needs to be timely, please let me know well ahead of time!

I’m open to most types of product, so send me your inquiries for any product to evaluate and I’ll let you know if it is appropriate for my family and my readers.

If you are also planning a review, I would highly recommend that you set aside a giveaway of the item as well.  You will a greater response from the readers.  Please do not send the giveaway items with the product I am to review.  Once the giveaway has been completed, we will put the winner in contact with you.   Being a busy mom and wife does not allow me to additional time to mail out packages to winners.

Offering an item or service in a giveaway is one of the best ways to create interest in your company and product/service.  Moms make up 80% of the buyers market.   Obviously, offereing an additional product for giveaway will give you additional exposure to others online and by mouth (you know how us mommies love to chat).

Campaigns and Promotions:
I’d also gladly post, AT NO CHARGE, about special campaigns and promotions your company is having when I see it fit for my readers. I’ll let you know upfront what I think. Please feel free to send campaigns, promotions, and press releases my way at

My family lives near Cincinnati, Ohio.  I’m within a few hours from major cities in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  If you have an event you’d like to have featured on my blog, please feel free to email me.  The hubby loves any excuse for a road trip.

If you have a family friendly destination you would like to have reviewed and promoted on my blog, I’d love to discuss the matter with you.

Please email me at for comments or concerns or if you’d like me to send you my media kit.

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