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Blogging Theme on Primetime this Week?

March 11, 2010

This week, I actually found time to watch a little bit of television in the evening.  You see, while I’m watching the tele, the hubby is putting the crying baby to sleep using our version of the Ferber Method.  No Ferber comments please.  We’ve modified it and it’s working for us.  Shut it.

Anywho, so on Monday I got to watch House.  Theme of the show:  blogger with unknown illness.   This chick wouldn’t have any conversation with her husband/boyfriend (apparently I wasn’t paying enough attention to catch his title) without polling her readers.  People really don’t do that do they.  Of course her man had issues with her too because she told her readers everything instead of him.  She was also blogging from the hospital bed, which I can imagine many bloggers would do.  Don’t think I would have the need to be blogging while I’m pooing mud like she was but maybe that’s just me.  And you know the clue to her illness was in her blogging.  Apparently she changed when she blogged.  Whipples Disease, DUH!  Boy I wish I had a set time to blog as opposed to whenever I can fit it in, even if it is at midnight.

Then there was last night on CSI:NY.  Two bloggers were involved in some sort of murder, one was killed and the other was MIA.  That’s about as far as I actually got into this show.  I was busy visiting some blogs.  I caught a tid bit of unrealistic technology they had, something about a gold bar, and using VICKS cold and flu to do a lab test (yeah right).

I just thought it was interesting that two shows I watch had a blogger theme.  Thought I’d share and ramble.  Toodles.


Wordless Wednesday: Spring

March 10, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

March 10, 2010

Find it hard to just post a photo without explaining it some (like me)…go hop on the Wordful Wednesday bandwagon over at Seven Clown Circus.

You ever have one of those days that you want to sell your child to the gypsies?  Today was that day.  Don’t let the photo fool you; she was being so fussy.  I hate to say this but all she did was b*tch and complain today.  I feel bad because I know she is teething but seriously, cut a mom some slack.  I was dying to head outside and work on the backyard for our mulch gets dropped of tomorrow.  She was having none of it.  I swear the only thing that would have made her happy would be to hang off my boob.  She knows enough to smile for photos but I should have recorded some audio so you could hear her moaning.

So I’m so not a hill billy.  I’m sure you are wondering why she’s in a high chair on the driveway.  She would not sit in a stroller or in her pack-n-play so I opted for the high chair so she could at least snack some.  It worked…for like 2 minutes.  Of course, you know the hubby took FOREVER to come home today.  We were sitting on the front porch waiting for him.  Hallelujah for bedtime!

No Hassle Beauty Care: Mirra Review {GIVEAWAY}

March 10, 2010

About 2 weeks ago, I received a package in the mail filled with 6 full size beauty products courtesy of the Kroger Company thanks to Global Influence Network.  These products were from their new beauty product line mirra.   At first glance, I was completely surprised that these were a store brand.  They looked like something you would find in a salon.  My package contained a replenishing body wash, protective lotion, replenishing lotion, deep moisture day cream, hydrating night treatment, and wrinkle reduction eye cream.

About Mirra: Kroger is proud to introduce mirra, our easy to use, exclusive health and beauty care brand for family-focused women seeking effortless beauty. Mirra combines quality, natural ingredients with the latest science to meet 3 different needs: Daily – routine personal care; Renew – a rejuvenating time out; and Inspire – quick transformations for a night out.

PROS: All of the lotions have a great scent without being overpowering.  My favorite lotion smell was the protective lotion, which contained ginger and reminded me of something from Bath & Body Works; it was very sweet smelling.  To be honest, that was a lot of lotion to try for 2 weeks straight but I did find myself using the protective lotion, moisture day cream, and wrinkle reduction eye cream.  Let me be honest, I do not have any wrinkles or crows feet but I surely don’t want to get them.  The day cream was hydrating enough that I felt like using the night cream would make my face a bit too lubed up.  None of the lotions were greasy either; the coverage was enough without that heavy, cakey feeling.  Here is where I like to put of pictures of a product in use but I’m not going to put a close up of my face or my pastey legs.  Sorry.

CONS: Honestly, my only complaint is the lack of SPF in the protective lotion and hydrating day cream.  I wear facial lotion everyday with SPF in it to prevent skin damage.  I wasn’t really wanting to whip out my summer sunscreen to put on with these lotions.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Great products for a great price.  I am looking to try their new shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and…MAKE UP BRUSHES!

You can purchase mirra beauty products at Kroger.  For more information on Kroger’s exclusive in-store brand, mirra and a $5.00 off coupon, CLICK HERE.

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Disclosure: I was provided product in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it.  The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.

One Proud Mama Here!

March 9, 2010

As I said last week, Bean was nominated and voted Student of the Month for the month of March.  Not only is she just student o the month, but it is for CARING.  I’m so proud!  I guess we’ve been doing something right.

She was not able to get her certificate and medal until yesterday because she was sick and injured last week.  She was so excited to put the certificate on her cork board and wear the medal.  Actually, she wore it to school today.  And let’s not forget, she also got a gift certificate to the Golden Corral.  I didn’t let her in on the secret.  We won’t be going there.  Daddy doesn’t do buffets typically.  Just thought I would brag a little today about my little lady.

Not My Child Monday

March 8, 2010

Let me introduce you to my little angel, Baby Bird.  Before you meet her, let me fill you in on a little secret.  Do not look into those eyes.  They are deceiving!

This little lady surely has NOT been acting like a little spoiled turd lately.   She certainly does NOT act like she is already entering the terrible two’s when she is actually only turning 11 months old.  You could never come up into family room during the day and find her throwing herself forward so you put her on the floor to NOT get into everything.

If you try and change clothes or diaper, you know Baby Bird would NOT be trying and turn into an escape artist. You would NOT find her crawling at lightening speed in the opposite direction of the diaper.  If she were to escape your grasp and you pull her back, you will NOT find her tossing her little melon around and arching her back.

Baby Bird is NOT constantly standing at the gates, begging for you to release her.  Of course, you would NOT find her moaning and complaining as opposed to going and doing something else with her time.  And the baby gates are NOT used by my daughter as a teether.

You will NOT find Baby Bird with her finger in her nose.  She does NOT do this because she thinks it is funny.  She surely is NOT this smart already to know how to push my buttons.  Not yet, right?

Surely NOT my child.  She’s an angel.


Seriously, people constantly are saying “She is so happy.  She must be the best baby.”  Yes, she is a great baby at times but, boy does she have the “red-headed temper.”  My mother-in-law is constantly saying, “I think mommy makes it up that you can be a grump.  You are so good.”  Blah Blah Blah.  She seriously can be quite a little butthead.  I think she’s really stubborn like her mom dad.

Spring Fever!

March 8, 2010

Spring fever hit the Tickled Pink Twice household over this weekend.  The weather made me quite the slacker when it came to my blog; I did not do an ounce of blogging because we spent a good portion of the weekend outdoors.  Working.  Both Saturday and Sunday were in the mid-fifties, which was wonderful.  I’m so over snow and winter jackets at this point.  I am this close (fingers are only about a half inch a part as I type) to whipping out my flip flops!

I spent Saturday and part of Sunday cleaning out my flower beds, trimming down my grasses, and getting my flower boxes ready for their annuals.

Sadly, I found myself taking a self-portrait because I thought I looked cute and I needed to document it.  (I’m silly I know and rarely do my self-portraits turn out so I thought I would share).  Baby Bird sort of enjoyed her time outside.  I guess I lied when I said we all enjoyed the weekend.  She was pretty fussy and I think she might have an ear infection.  Guess a call to the friendly doctor tomorrow is a must.  Bean was happy to break out her bike, scooter, soccer ball, and chalk.  She would have gotten out more but the hubby was organizing the garage.  Sadly, I think he enjoyed cleaning out the garage more than I enjoyed not cleaning the garage. How weird is it that the nice weather allows us to do actual work without complaining?   Here’s hoping next weekend is just as nice because we are ready to paint the top of our garage to match the house.  Then we can cross that item of LAST YEAR’S to do list.

As if I don’t have enough little mini-hobbies, this year I decided to try and grow some flowers for my garden.  How hard could it be?  I guess I will find out.  There is seriously much more to it then I thought.  I just thought:  dirt, seeds, water, done.  I finally see why the little mini plants Bean and I have tried growing in the past haven’t worked.  Too much sun too early.  I’m positive you are super interested in the life growing under my mini-greenhouse.  Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.  I’m growing Coleus, Salvia, Sweet Peas (the flower), Hollyhock, and Cleome.

Anywho.  Now you see why I wasn’t around blogging this weekend.   Hope your weather was as beautiful as ours was!