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An Award for Me? Spanks!

February 13, 2010

Well I’m finally getting around to thanking JDaniels4’sMom for my first blog award.  Thank you.  How cool am I?  (Rhetorical question; do not answer unless you plan to say “very!”)

With the award comes 3 rules:

  1. Acknowledge the person who gave it to me CHECK
  2. List 10 items that make me happy
  3. Award it to 10 other peeps that I think rock

10 Things that make me happy:

  1. My husband:  I’m blessed to be married to such a smart and handsome fella.  Who thought salt and pepper hair could be so sexy?
  2. My little ladies:  It was so great taking 6 years to enjoy Bean and even better to watch her enjoy Baby Bird.  When does the hair pulling and name calling start?
  3. Coke:  the drink, not the drug.  Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, cold can of Coke?
  4. White Castles:  You know that would be on my list, right?  Nothing like 2 or 4 Whities, maybe some onion chips, and a small coke.  For all you inexperienced White Castle consiers, small drinks at Whites are really medium and ordering less that you think you actually want is smart.
  5. Perfect sweater weather:  I love it when it’s still beautiful outside to enjoy but brisk enough to sport a sweater.
  6. Flip flops:  If you’ve read my list of “100 things about me” you would know I have ugly feet and barely a pinky toe.  But I don’t care.  I love wearing flip flops with red painted piggies and jeans, in any weather.  So there.
  7. Flamingos:  I love all things flamingo.  All things flamingo, tacky or not.  I love them enough that my love for them has rubbed off on Bean.
  8. My friends:  I have some of the worlds best friends and I always love making new ones.
  9. Blackberries:  The hand-held device, not the fruit.  Okay, I do love the fruit but not enough to make it on my list of top 10.  My Blackberry is an extension of me and my connection to the world when not at home.  Baby Bird’s been teething on her and she’s been acting a bit weird (the Blackberry not the baby).  It’s time for a new one (again, Blackberry not the baby…you think I’m crazy?).
  10. My family:  I have a great family.  I’ve married into an amazing family, even if my sister-in-law doesn’t like chocolate.  Those not having weekly family dinners are missing out!

note:  these are my top 10, but not in the exact order.

**drumroll please**

In the category of great blogs and bloggy folks that Tickled Pink Twice loves…

…and the winners are…

Working Mommy

Confessions of a Working Mom

Today’s Cliche

Thankfully Thrifty

The Girl Next Door Grows Up

Salsa Mom

Yoga, Yarn, & Motherhood

Ok…so I didn’t put up 10 because the last three frequent stalks (I actually stalk a ton of blogs) of mine are this bigtime bloggers who wouldn’t care to get an award from little old me, who they?  Of course!  Now to go and let them know…

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  1. February 14, 2010 2:00 am

    I always love a cold can of Coke.

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