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Pandora’s Box

February 8, 2010

I lay here on the couch, finally getting around to doing my daily blogging.  I lay here with a tissue stuffed up my left nostril.  I lay here tending to my congested daughter while the hubby is sleeping on the other couch.

I’m seriously going to smoother him with a pillow soon.  He must be a narcoleptic or something; he has the ability to sleep through an atomic bomb.  Must be nice.

I asked him to go and get me a tissue and my baby wipes container from the couch.  I’m recycling the baby wipes container for my snotty tissues instead of throwing them on the floor like I want to.

He said he would get me the tissues but won’t grab the baby wipes.  “I won’t go anywhere near Pandora’s box.”

News flash, have you seen me today.  Pandora’s box has already been open and I look like hell run over.

He is off work this week so you would think it is the best time (if there is a best time) to be sick.  Sha, right.  He actually told me this afternoon to “remember this” because he let me take a nap.  Uh, you are kidding me?  I don’t get sick days.

My nose is seriously so raw.  I’ve even tried using saline and I hate nasal sprays.  I’m desperate.  I’m about to use Baby Bird’s nasal aspirator.

On a positive note about the hubby, who can be SO thoughtful and spontaneous, he brought me home some flowers when I sent him to the store for a few groceries.  He also cooked dinner (if making chicken tenders and tater tots is cooking) for himself and Bean.  That was during the nap that I better “remember.”

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a snow day so I can sleep in.  Until tomorrow.

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