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Stupid Saturday Moment

January 30, 2010

…brought to you by my brainless best friend, Jessica.

Let me set the stage.  It is 20 degrees before you factor in the windchill.  Jessica is headed to work at 6 am (ish because she is ALWAY late).  I guess it would be way colder at this time. 

Jessica notices (via notice from her car) that her windshield wiper fluid is low.  Her windshield is salty, dirty.  Of course, always running late, she decides that going into the garage for wiper fluid would take to long, she figures she will clean with what she can find in her car.  She has an open gallon of water in the trunk.  She does have the common sense to know that putting into the wiper fluid holder will freezer her lines.  So how will she fix her messy windshield?

Pour it ON the windshield.  (my husband cringes at this point in the story, shaking his head)

What does it do?

Freeze immediately.  Windshield is now a THICK piece of ice.

Moral of this story:  Don’t listen to any of Jessica’s advice.  You thought it would be about water didn’t you.  I’m not THAT stupid to use water anywhere near my vehicle in these temperatures.

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