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Date Night…in sub zero weather

January 30, 2010

For a few weeks now, a group of us had a trip planned to go night skiing.  Of course, now the temperatures have dipped and everyone is wanting to back out or reschedule.  I guess those singletons don’t know what we’ve gone through to be able to accomplish going on this outing:

  • extra pumping sessions for fresh milk for Baby Bird even though I have a ginormous stock pile in the deep freeze
  • smoozing my MIL to stay the night since we will be skiing until 1am and I’m not up for an overnight trip for the wee little bit yet
  • hunting all over for some ski bibs for husband because you know he gets severe wedgie from an  XL and no one sells any larger  (note:  he’s not a skiier and was planning on wearing a leather jacket until I put my fashionable foot down)
  • cleaning so the MIL doesn’t think our house is always a wreck
  • finally hanging the red drapes in the guest room so it finally looks finished (though hubby complained because his mom doesn’t care if red drapes are hung but it was an excuse to get this finally done after months of asking)
  • getting the husband to do his ONLY chore:  dishes.  He never completes them at a washing session.  Rarely is my sink sans dishes.  (crossing fingers for the kitchen/dining room model to come soon; I miss having a machine dishwasher)

So, let them cancel because we are going no matter what (right honey).  I feel like reminding people that, HELLO, skiing is a cold weather sport.  You don’t want to ski in warmer weather because slush sucks.  Cincinnati is notorious for crazy weather and I surely don’t want to ski in rain either.

Why do I need this night out?

  • Baby Bird is repeatedly dropping her pacifier off the exersauser.  Enough said.
  • Bean is in one of those ages that she asks a million questions.  Constantly.
  • I might blow up my downstairs bathroom if I find pink toothpaste in the sink or on the light switch one more time.
  • My big lap top has a some issue that the hubby has been “trying” to fix for weeks now.  I can’t stand using this netbook much longer.  It’s slow and small.
  • I’ve only made recent trips without children to the grocery, Walmart, the gas station, and the OB.  I’m pretty sure I could use a change of scenery.

Oh yeah.  I forgot.  Time with the hubby without him falling asleep on the couch would be nice too!  I’ll be sure to post some pictures, even if they are from the emergency room (kidding).

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