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100th Day of School Project

January 26, 2010


Today, Bean came home gleaming with excitement over her 100th day of school project.  I was still in shock that we were almost through 100 days, had an actual take home project to do in 1st grade, and that she’d be a second grader before I knew it.  Of course, shock was followed with confusion.  See, Bean is a big thinker, like her mom, except my thoughts make sense.  She was rambling something about making a mountain out of 2 envelopes with a girl on top and a city below.  And that has what to do with 100?  I think she needs my guidance!

Looking back to last year, we celebrated her 100th day in Kindergarten by stringing 100 bead, which also doubled as a celebration for counting to 100 by 10’s.  Oh, kindergarten how I miss you.

This school project caught me by surprise.  To be honest, I figured we missed the 100th day because I’ve seen a few 100th school day photos on a few mommy blogs.  I’m glad I didn’t because I’ve already come up with a few great ideas for Bean.  Now, I just have to convince her to pick one of mine as opposed to the “mountain idea.”

Here are a few cute projects I found online:

Bean would eat some and it wouldn’t end up very 100ith (is that a word) by the time it got to school


Very cute, but only if the snow flakes were already stickers.

Would be very appropriate because they are working on change from $1.00 

SHHH..but here is my spoiler for the project if I get my way.  I’m going to have Bean paint a square canvas dark pink.  We are going to use my fabulous Cricut to cut out 100 light pink hearts.  Fold them in half and glue to canvas in a nice pattern.  Voila.  And it can be repurposed in her room as art.

I was pushing her to cover a square painted canvas in coordinating, but different sized buttons but she wasn’t all to impressed.  I was because, again, cute art.  Oh well.  Maybe I’ll do this for fun!

And if you know me, you know that I just can’t send my daughter to school on any special occasion without a special shirt.  I’m probably going to do some sort of applique.  We will see and I will be sure to show you when I’m done. 

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