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Soft Scrub Club Captain Here…

January 18, 2010

About a week ago, I received an email confirming that I was chosen to be a Soft Scrub Club Captain. Myself and another 199 bloggers were chosen for a few reason including my passion for cleaning (aka OCD and my love for the bleach smell). As a Club Captain, I get the opportunity to review products before they hit the shelves. Not a bad deal and the hubby surely loves the thought of me doing some extra bathroom cleaning.

I got my first product in the mail a day later. Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl:

My first thoughts on the product has to do with the bottle. It has this nice shape and ergonomic feel to it. Believe it or not, it’s very comfortable to hold. The nozzle design is pretty snazzy too. You do have to rotate it from OFF to SPRAY. But, you don’t have to go searching for which side makes the foam. You just flip the little screen over the front of the nozzle and…TAH DAH! Awesome foam power.

As Murphy’s Law would have it, I already had a job for Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl…our first floor bathroom and property of my messy 6.5 year old, Bean. Not matter how many times I wipe down the sink, she still manages, within minutes, to smear pink princess toothpaste all over it and the light switch. She is also still quite the lover of taking baths on nights that we have time to spare. First grade has required us to work on sight words in new and different ways. One way being writing them on our tub with the world’s hardest to remove bath soap crayons. Lucky us! Can the cleaner handle it?

I do have to say that it did a pretty good job.  It’s weird using a Soft Scrub product that is not that cream.  The directions on the bottle suggest to spray for a quick job and foam/soak for something a bit more tough.  The tub was a spray job considering the layers of soap crayon she did on the tub for the occasion.  While that soaked a few minutes, I quickly spray cleaned the toilet and sink.  The spray and foam coverage was great as well.  I did have to use a bit of elbow grease on certain areas of art but it took it away entirely.  My Mr. Clean cleaner still left a bit of color stain residue.

Next adventure for the Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl cleaner…our basement toilet used by contractors.  YIKES!  I’m not cleaning that one without a ten foot pole.  Good luck to the hubby.

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