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Haiti Emergency Relief Milk Program

January 18, 2010

I LOVE breastfeeding for like a bagillion reasons.  Besides the biggest reasons being the bonding time with my little lady and her health, I LOVE how much weight I’m melting away.  Call me vain if you will, but fitting into my size 4 jeans (and they area  actually big on me) is AWESOME.  I currently pump at least once a day (even though she is 9 months old) and freeze my extras.  You just never know.  Well…I always joked about wanting to be a wet nurse when Baby Bird weens…I can be a long distance wet nurse for a cause.

There has been some talk on the internet regarding the possible, future need from breastmilk in Haiti.  What a great idea!  Sadly, there are MANY children who’s mothers perished in the disaster.  It’s pretty much known that if at all possible, breast is best.  The World Health Organization and United Nations Children’s Fund says,

“Where it is not possible for the biological mother to breastfeed, the first alternative, if available, should be the use of human breast milk from other sources. Human milk banks should be made available in appropriate situations.”

Due know that currently, conditions are not acceptable to send breast milk because they would spoil.  They are hoping to build up supply so when conditions are ready, they can send a shipment.  Hopefully that day comes soon.

So what can you do?  Call Human Milk Bank Association of North America at 866.998.4550 like I will in the morning.  The great thing is that if a donation is not possible to Haiti, it will be used in NICU’s around the country because the US supply is currently LOW.

When I first started BFing, I used a hospital grade pump because Baby Bird was a bit slow to get the hang of the boob.  At that time, I was producing milk for triplets to quads.  I had wanted to donate my excess milk to the bank then but they were at capacity.  Yeah…not now.  My family and friends think it’s funny that I would consider pumping extra or longer to donate but they aren’t looking as good as I am.   LOL. 

Spread the Word.

Visit the International Milk Project for more info.

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