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January 14, 2010

As Murphy’s Law would have it, my computer is acting up.  I can’t even quite explain what the issue is at the moment.  I updated my Spybot software and since then, it won’t load all web pages I visit.  It’s almost like it’s not picking up certain imbedded data on pages…like advertisements that change.  Some sites are ok while some it only loads partials.  Sadly, it’s giving me trouble on my beloved Facebook. 

Thank goodness we bought Bean a web book (mini laptop) for Christmas so I can do some surfing.  I really want to load up some pictures but this little notebook doesn’t even have a memory card slot.  Can you belive that?  Well, the hubby thinks he can use his PhD skills to fix my computer but we shall see.  I worry he might make it worse but we will let him have a go at it. 

Why is it that you feel so out of touch and lost without your computer or cell phone?  It hasn’t been that long since this technology came out but boy are we dependant…at least I am 🙂

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