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Family Pizza & Movie Night +1

October 4, 2009

Every other friday night, as per our meal plan, we do pizza and a movie.  Bean is now in 1st grade so she is at the age that she invites people over without asking me first.  She invited her new BFF, Sarah, to come over.  Not that I minded, but I hate being put on the spot, especially when Sarah was DYING and CRYING to come over.  In all reality, she is a pleasure to have over.  I don’t really have to do much “watching” because they are literally off in their own little world.

After the yummie LaRosa’s pizza was plated, we all sat up in our game room to watch Hotel For Dogs.  Of course, you would think they would choose a video at RedBox that they have not seen, but you know 6 year olds.  So, for the 5th time, we watched Hotel For Dogs together.  Once the dogs, I mean girls, were done eating, they morphed into puppies.  As you can see from the photos on the right, they started acting like dogs, even sitting like them on the couch.  This whole “dog thing” is something that they play at school on recess. 

This might be the mom in me, but I often hope that Bean will not be too goofy or creative that she can’t make friends.  She still loves dolls and role play.  It seems like too many girls her age (6) are growing up to fast and their innocence is lost, if that makes sense.  They are dressing like 80’s punk rock kids, talking with attitudes, and playing with Brats dolls.  I hate to say it, but the shows and toys available to her supposed age range are inappropriate.  Hannah Montana and Brat’s (skanky) dolls are banned in our home. (no booing please)  I was worried that Bean is a bit too creative for some of her friends, but nope, she found someone just like her.  Funny, but they both even have ultra white skin.  When they’re together, I feel like I have fraternal twins.  I am happy she is developing new, lasting friendships.  Bean is such a people pleaser but with Sarah, she can just be herself.  

Ok, enough mommy moments for now.  I will admit that I’m glad when all the children go home though because mommy needs some quite moments to herself.  And maybe a glass of wine!

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  1. October 4, 2009 6:55 pm

    Kids often befriend kids like themselves in spirt.

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