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Old Ladies Day Out…

October 3, 2009

Two of my hens and I went to a craft show today… 

I know you are wondering, hen…new lingo on the blog.  A hen, in my world, is one of my lady friends.  We call ourselves “old hens” because we are 20 & 30 somethings that wish we had the energy to do our old “all nighters” of Jager Bombs and dancing but in reality, probably should be in bed by 11.

…without children.  That doesn’t happen too often considering 2 of us have boobie babies.  We are all pretty crafty so we enjoyed perusing the booths seeing a bunch of typical crafts and some absolutely amazing works of art. 

I think the downfall of a crafty person is that you see something and think, I can do that.  Personally, there were some amazing pieces of jewelry.  I just don’t have the patience to do some of that small beading.  The oldest hen in our coupe is a beader so she wasn’t impressed.  I loved seeing some of the knit/crochet hats; I’ve tried crocheting but just gave up because it takes FOREVER.  The hippie hen in our coupe is strictly crochet all the way so she wasn’t interested because she could whip up a scarf in about an hour or two.  They loved some of the design print work and sewing/quilt projects because they cannot sew a straight line.  Me, on the other hand, love doing both.   I found some of the fabrics to be so “Old Ladyish.”  Guess I’m a fabric snob.

The one thing we all found pretty facinating was something called huck toweling.

In laymans terms, it’s sort of like embroidery but there are no knots.  You float the floss under the first layer of the fabric you are using.  You really have to see it up close to appreciate it.  Now, it can look sort of old ladyish (it is a technique from the 1700’s) but I’m sure there is a way to modern it up a bit like this pattern:

But, the show did give us a list of to-do projects to do at our “Hens Crafting at the Coupe Night.”  (And another blog to start I’m told).

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