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I Hate the Dentist…

September 30, 2009

Ok.  Not him.  Just the concept.

My apologizes for my absence this last week, but I’ve been working on my relationship with my dentist, Dr. Lipps.  Yes, that is his name; it’s almost like the job was made for him.  You want to guess why Dr. Lipps and I have been hanging out this week?

You guessed it.  I’m embarrassed to say that it had been over 3 years since I went to visit a dentist.  It’s no excuse, but I’m always more concerned with the comings and goings of the family that I neglected to make my appointment.  Another confession…I was scared.  I should have just kept up with the 6 month appointments like I do with my daughter, but I didn’t.  Once it got past a year or so, I was worried to see what they would find. 

Last week, Bean had her check up and had crystal clean teeth.  I’ve been threatening my hubby that I would make an appointment to him.  He had not visited the dentist for 10 years.  In college, he did not have a dental plan and he was in college FOREVER getting his PhD.  I think he was scared the last 2 years since graduating to get up check up even though we had insurance.  Needless-to-say, I made us appointments last Wednesday and boy were they fun.  You sensing the sarcasm here?  And the outcome, you wonder?

Sugar Bugs, as Bean’s dentist calls them.  I seriously can’t tell you how embarrassed I was to have them.  But let’s rat out my hubby first.  He did his cleaning first and had 2 cavities.  I guess you could look at it that 2 isn’t too bad for 10 years of no cleanings.  My damage…I don’t even want to say.  *sigh*   FIVE   *hang head in shame*  In my defense, I still am battling pregnancy gingivitisdue to the hormones from breastfeeding.  Apparently 50% of preggos experience this.  Want to know how to prevent it? 

Flossing.  It’s sort of my kryptonite.  Come on and admit it.  Do you really floss everyday?  I did not.  I used to about a year ago, but once my gums got inflamed and bleedy, I stopped.  I sort of just did it every once and a while.  You know what that gives you…uh, cavities.  The dental hygentist told me that I should have just worked through the inflammation.  Yeah…not a fan of drinking my own blood but thanks for the advice.  You know what I’ve done for a week now?  You guessed it; FLOSSED.  You want to know what else I did all week?  Spent way to much money…

…getting some cavities drilled and filled.  Not fun for someone who hates ginormous needles.  On a positive note, cavities aren’t silver, at least at my dentist.

FYI…I have been flossing wrong forever.  I used to sort of just pull up and down between my teeth.  Apparently, you are supposed to go up between the gum and teeth.  I am seriously not stupid but I didn’t really know that.  I thought that it would cause some sort of damage if you went too far.  Would have been nice if someone told me that?  Guess 31  years old isn’t too late to learn.

So, onto my soap box.  GO TO YOUR DENTIST REGULARLY.  And in case you are wondering, my hubby and I do have pretty teeth, and all of them.

See.  Just apparently a bit too much wine.


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