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Benefiber: Not Just For Old People

September 19, 2009

I will admit it upfront, I am a self-made germaphobe.  I’m not the crazy, live in a bubble type.  BUT, me and hand sanitizer, we’re BFFs.  I really wasn’t like this until Bean started kindergarten last year.  I didn’t want her getting sick because I was pregnant and couldn’t get sick with my lowered immune system.  So, I thought I was just instilling good hygiene.  GUESS NOT?

What the problem you ask?  We just found out last weekend that she does not go to the bathroom at school.   In her defense, the first graders have their own restroom in her class and didn’t want anyone to know if she went “potty.”   Bean is not a private pooper so this modesty is new.  Plus, she doesn’t want to get any germs.  I NEVER thought to follow up the day with bathroom questions.  I guess the change from 1/2 kindergarten to fully days for 1st grade messed up her potty schedule.  So, no bathroom means no pee or poop.  Pee:  not worried about.  Poop:  big problem there.  Literally. 

She stayed at my in-laws last Saturday night and apparently was up from 2-6 am to go to the restroom 5 times.  We aren’t sure when she had gone to “the bathroom” before that point.  I know she’s a regular pooper and had no idea that she hadn’t gone.  I felt awful.  I thought the crisis was overted.  Uh, no.

By Wednesday, she still hadn’t gone again.  We eat pretty healthy and always eat plenty of fruit, veggies, and lots of water.  I was shocked this was still an issue.  I went to the pediatrician for Baby Bird and asked the doctor what to do.  She has a daughter 2 weeks younger than Bean and suggested we try giving her Benefiber.   Off to Kroger I went to buy Benefiber, grapes, and anything I could think of that she likes to eat but might “move” things along.   There are two awesome products that we’ve been using:

The fiber powder can be used to sprinkle on food.  It has no flavor and sort of looks like salt.  To be honest, that is what everyone (including) hubby thinks is in the salt shaker.  *hush hush* 

The drink powder is great.  Bean has been having one drink every day after school.  For some reason, she thinks she doesn’t like kiwi, probably cuz of the name.  She thinks it’s just a strawberry drink that will help her go potty.  Whatever works.

I’m not completely sure what the final results will be but some progress is better than no progress.  I was seriously worried we were going to need to do suppositories or a mineral oil/OJ drink.  I can remember whipping up the oil & OJ drink for my brother when I was in elementary school.  I don’t want my daughter to be scarred from that memory or teased like we STILL tease my brother.  We gave beer & steins to our groomsmen at our wedding and a jar of oil/juice to my brother that said “Shake Well.”

Word of Advice…make sure your little one is actually going to “the bathroom.”

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