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Fashion for the Breastfeeding Mom

September 18, 2009

When Baby Bird was born, I admit that I was cheap and did not want to invest a lot of money into a breastfeeding wardrobe.  I mean, come on, a cheap tank is like $20.  In my defense, I didn’t even know if breastfeeding was going to pan out either and then I’d be stuck with shirt that have holes in the boobs or tanks with click snaps.  So, I just use the method of whipping up the shirt when needed.  Since it’s still sort of summer, I’m pretty much always in tank tops so it wasn’t an issue.  (NOTE:  I’m not typically a public breastfeeder so there’s not real need for discretion all of the time)  While my pull-up shirt method works, it really makes your tank top baggy.  I’m already 16 pounds under my pre-preggo weight so an even baggier shirt looks awful.

I finally get to go to Old Navy yesterday.  I’ve been sort of trapped to a 5 mile radius around my house.  Baby Bird HATES car rides.  She just turned 5 months old and has gotten a bit better.  I was there to purchase smaller jeans, which has never happened before to me, and I ran across some super cute belts.


I wasn’t sure if I could pull of the look, but it’s actually super cute with the right top.  Cures the problem of a baggy shirt because at least you have a defined waste, though I wear mine sort of on my lower ribs.  This sounds awful, but I have 2 jersey maternity dress that I just love.  They are obviously a bit big in the rib area.  I’m seriously going to try the belt with them and see if I can get some more wear out of them.  They always looked so cute with my patent leather peep-toe heels.

Just a thought! 

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