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My Baby Gets Milk, Why Can’t I?

September 8, 2009

Well, Baby Bird has always been a pretty gassy baby.  Put it this way, she LOVES Target’s version of Mylecon Drops.  It’s like this special “Tear Be Gone” potion.  At her 4 month check up, the doctor was listening to her tummy and asked if she was gassy.  I was like, “Uh, yeah.  Aren’t they all?”  I sort of attributed her flatulence to being a breastfed baby and certain foods I eat bother her.  Maybe it’s the occasional slider from White Castles or the bbq chicken pizza from California Pizzas.  I know what you are thinking, do you really think you should eat that if it bothers the baby?  I do take that into consideration but I don’t think she acts any different with or without it, typically.  But come on, I had gallbladder issues in pregnancy so anything good or tasty was off limits.  I’m making up for lost time.  Plus, I’m like 15+ pounds under pre-pregnacy weight so a few goodies are MUST since they just don’t seem to count.  Now I’m off track, back to the doctor appointment.  She asks me if I eat a lot of dairy, which I don’t.  I just do my typical morning cereal, sometimes for dinner if it’s a fend for yourself night, and a nice glass of milk with anything chocolate.  It’s not like I do a gallon of milk every other day.  She suggested I might try limiting dairy to see if it helps.  Maybe Baby Bird has some lactose intolerance.  UH, YEAH RIGHT.  That was my original thoughts. 

Well, Baby Bird is now almost 5 months (*sniff sniff*) and it seems like she can be very fussy at the times when she is crazy gassy.  This kid can hold her own with an adult.  Well, Sunday night, my DH suggests that maybe the doctor had something when she mentioned the milk.  “Hey, you should try to limit the milk for a week and see how the baby acts.”  So, now I’m using the term DH (dearest hubby) lightly because me changing my habits doesn’t affect him.  Humoring him, I agreed.  How hard could it be?  It’s not like I drink a gallon every other day, right? 

WRONG.  It has been almost 42 hours since my hubby and I had this conversation.  At the time, I was having a nice glass of milk with a brownie.  So, 42 hours since I’ve really had some substantial dairy products.  I did sneak a piece of cheese on my bologna sandwich yesterday at dinner (yes, another fend for yourself night).  I’m seriously craving some milk.  I really want a bowl of cereal.  It’s like my morning staple, especially since I know I’ve got a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with my name on it.  Last night before dinner, I wasn’t really hungry so I thought that I would have a frozen Go-Gurt.  I literally had a bite in front of the DH before he goes, “You do know that’s got milk in it.”  I totally spaced and forgot.  I put it back in the freezer.  Oddly enough, I NEVER eat yogurt but had a bite of my daughter’s frozen blueberry Go-Gurt and loved how it didn’t have the typical yogurt tangy feeling that I hate.  See how I ended up with a bland bolgogna sandwich now…no other options since I was taking a day off from cooking.

I watched two soy milk commercials last night and wondered if that was my fate.  I guarantee that they don’t taste anything like my beloved milk.  Why else would they keep marketing the chocolate and vanilla flavors?  I can’t be putting vanilla milk on my cereal.  Isn’t that like sacrilegious? 

DH went to Lowe’s with Bean last night.  He was taking forever and I am the bedtime Nazi on school nights.  When they finally got back, he walks into the family room with a small McDonald’s cup.  I know what it contains.  It’s a delicious shake.  I turn it away.  I mean, HELLO, aren’t I not having dairy.  He smiles and hands me a coke instead.  I guess that’s an okay trade.  At least he thought of me.  Had he thought harder, he would have brought me a hot apple pie.  He goes around the corner and pulls a bag out from behind his back that contains a hot brownie thing (new McDonald’s product).  How sweet?  It would be sweeter with milk.  As I’m writing, I’m thinking that I don’t think that I love milk that much, do I?   I think the issue is wanting something that I can’t have.  Sadly, I hope that Baby Bird still gases the same so I can go back to my milk. 

This morning I skipped breakfast; what is breakfast without cereal?  I don’t do anything but cereal unlike my DH who needs PopTarts.  I just got off the phone with my DH (again, using the term lightly right now) who informs me that he ate the Go-Gurt I started for breakfast.   He informed me how good it was.  He’s not seriously rubbing it in my face is he?  I noticed he didn’t even eat his typical, of which I went to the store at 8pm to make sure he had for this morning.  Figures.


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  1. September 12, 2009 11:25 am

    Wow 😦

    Sorry that your baby is so gassy, but I suppose that we all must make sacrifices when it comes to the ones that we love 🙂

    At least you are taking some initiative despite some set backs lol

    Hope your baby isn’t gassy anymore!

    (structuredchaos from swap bot blog swap)
    I’m a follower now, have a great day


  2. September 15, 2009 7:41 am

    I know how that feels! My youngest turned out to have multiple food allergies. I had to eliminate gluten, dairy and soy when I was nursing her.

    Almond milk is actually quite tasty. Vanilla soy isn’t bad – it’s not usually good for young children, but it doesn’t leach into breastmilk the way lactose will.

    I hope you can find a solution soon. It was very difficult to change my diet, but so worth it for the health of my little one!

  3. Tickled Pink Twice permalink*
    September 15, 2009 10:45 am

    Thanks for the Almond milk suggestion Heather. I’m willing to try something else because I miss having cereal in the morning the most.

    My DH says that soy milk is chalky so with that in mind, I haven’t even thought of trying it. I did not know that it is not suggested with young children either.

    Who know that breastfeeding would be so much work? They make it look easy on tv 🙂 I originally did it for the savings and health (1st daughter has horrible allergies) but now I just love it.

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