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Lemonade with a Side of Cookies….

September 6, 2009

Today started off bad for me.  I seriously couldn’t have been any more grumpy.  Two days of being up crafting and making a butt load of cookies, 16 dozen to be exact, had taken it’s toll on me.  The previous night, my DH, couldn’t do anything right to please me; I was crabbier than my 4.5 month old.  I like to think we all have those days, right?  RIGHT?

After I woke up and got things moving, we headed up for our “Take a Stand” lemonade/bake stand at Kroger’s, sponsored by Sunkist.  In 4 hours, we raised $308  for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati.  Everyone was so generous and we were able to meet many current/former “Bigs.”  Despite the amount of time we were there, Bean did pretty well with minimal complaints.  She was super funny when it came to the interviews done by the news stations and the local paper.  She was not super talkative which is 100% oppisite of our daughter!

Bean with Aunt J at the lemonade stand

Bean with Aunt J at the lemonade stand

On Thursday and Friday, we hosted a satellite stand/bake sale at Northside Bank and Trust (thanks to my mom).  We raised $229.  My mom’s co-workers and customers are very generous as well, paying $10 for a small loaf of cinnamon bread.  Bean’s first stand raised $220 on her first stand, giving a grand donation total of $757.  That doesn’t include the $500 that Sunkist is matching.  We completely surpassed our $1000 goal.  I am pumped and so proud of my little 6 year old.  Unfortunately, I think this is going to be a yearly thing.  It’s for a good cause and we will be happy to do it next year, but I am beat.  At least I will have a year to recharge. 
Someone is getting a little cheeky.

Someone is getting a little cheeky.

Baby Bird was amazing.  Not really a peep out of her except for when she needed a pampie change.  Speaking of diaper changes, Aunt J is probably the worst diaper changer ever.  In her defense, she was changing Baby Bird in the front seat of our car and she doesn’t have kids of her own.  Changing diapers in a car or on your lap is an acquired skill.
I’m going to bed in hopes to sleep in.  If only my DH could breastfeed. 
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  1. September 8, 2009 2:05 am

    I think what you do for Big Brothers/Big Sisters is exceptional. I became a “Big” in 2007 and the experience has changed my life. I have been paired with 2 different young women, both of which have moved away in the process :(, and know how much this program affects the lives of the children, but also the adults in a positive way.

    Thank You from a Detroit Big

    krstawrdtravels – swapbot

  2. Tickled Pink Twice permalink*
    September 8, 2009 1:24 pm

    Great to meet another BIG. We met quite a few during the Saturday stand. It is an amazing program and quite expensive to keep running. Great experience for our family and daughter. We hope to keep this up.

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