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Oh, What a Start…

September 1, 2009

So this is the maiden voyage of my blog and boy do I have a great story to start it off:

About a week ago, I got the hair cut of my oldest daughter, Mallory, in preperation for the school year.  Little did I know that this would make her hair obsessed.  On Sunday evening, she was joking at my in-laws house that she was going to cut her hair.  At the time, we sort of blew it off.  Tonight, I raced my daughter up the stairs to her room…and I won, I might add.  Sitting on her bed were some cut pieces of fur from a stuffed animal.  I then look on the floor to see what looked like a bunch of red (cut) hair on the floor.  I FREAKED OUT.  Minding my curse words, I spin around to confront my daughter.  She can tell by my look and the clump of hair that she might be in trouble.  She actually tried to scoot out the door.  Long story short, she tells me today is “hair cut day”  and she is no longer allowed to have scissors in her room.

Thank goodness Barbie was my daughters first client
Thank goodness Barbie was my daughter’s 1st and only client
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